Operations & Maintenance

Proven Maintenance Program - Focused on continuous improvement through innovative solutions with 100% TJC accreditation.

J&J provides 24/7 responsive Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services at some of the largest Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs), including San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) – Fort Sam Houston, TX; David Grant Medical Center (DGMC) – Travis AFB, CA; and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) – Bethesda, MD. Our services include:

  • Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE) Inventory – Inventory and/or validate all RPIE systems based on the DoD Real Property Systems Standard (RPSS) to include the following Facility Systems: A10 Foundations, B20 Exterior Enclosure, B30 Roofing, C10 Interior Construction, C20 Stairs, D10 Conveying, D20 Plumbing, D30 HVAC, D40 Fire Protection, D50 Electrical, E10 Equipment, F10 Special Construction, G20 Site Improvements, G30 Site Civil/Mechanical Utilities, G40 Site Electrical Utilities, and G90 Other Site Construction.
  • Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Monitoring and testing techniques to predict the point at which a piece of equipment or a system will require maintenance to allow convenient scheduling of required maintenance and prevent failures. Our Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Programs provide Condition–Based Monitoring (CbM) technologies to include: Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Motor Circuit Analysis, Lubrication Analysis, and Ultrasonic.
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)/Scheduled Maintenance – Systematic, time-based inspection and servicing, which is required to prevent breakdown and to prolong the life of real property.
  • Emergency Maintenance – Work on real property, requiring immediate action to eliminate potential life-threatening or serious-injury hazards to personnel, prevent loss or damage to Government property, restore essential services, or correct any life safety system deficiencies.
  • Corrective Maintenance (CM)/Unscheduled Maintenance – All required work not classified as emergency or preventive maintenance. Each work order is assigned a priority to distinguish the more urgent response requirements from those that require a less immediate response. The work order priority categories are assigned on the basis of the particular unit or piece of equipment to be repaired.
  • Service Order (SO)/Individual Job Order (IJO) – A request for unscheduled maintenance or corrective maintenance, which is incidental to the performance of O&M.

Since 1982, J&J has provided reliable, non-stop healthcare facilities O&M and New Work services for mission-critical DoD healthcare facilities. Our success is a direct result of the synergies within our Medical Support Division (MSD) and our ability to consistently go above and beyond to ensure an increased level of transparency and communication when performing critical services, realizing what we do “Behind the Scenes” has severe implications to the medical and research work environment.

Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset – J&J only hires the best in their respective field. All employees are encouraged to take advantage of training initiatives as opportunity to invest in their professional and personal growth. Our company’s capabilities to execute work starts with hiring qualified personnel and consistently investing in their professional growth. One way we accomplish this is by attending the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) annual conference, where we stay ahead of the latest changes in The Joint Commission (TJC) and Environment of Care (EC) requirements. During this conference, we also encourage our staff to pursue the Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager (CHFM) certification.



J&J’s tradesmen are not only proficient in their crafts, but also take ownership in all they do to maintain the facilities that take great care of our warriors and their families. Their capabilities to adapt and solve problems consistently exceed customer expectations, while always taking into consideration the patient–centric environment in which we work.

Eddie Young

VP - Medical Support Division