Healthcare Environmental Services

Continuity of Patient Care - Always improving our level of service to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

J&J provides Healthcare Environmental Services (HES) at some of the largest Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs), including San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) – Fort Sam Houston, TX; David Grant Medical Center (DGMC) – Travis AFB, CA; and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) – Bethesda, MD. Our services range from Types I-VIII:

  • Surgical Areas –  Rendered in the operating rooms (OR), scrub rooms and prep rooms associated with the OR, Sterile Processing Department (SPD), and labor and delivery (L&D).
  • Patient Areas – Rendered in patient rooms, isolation rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and nursery.
  • Restrooms – Rendered in restrooms, showers, and locker rooms.
  • Clinical/Support Areas – Rendered in clinics, laboratories, veterinary facilities, radiology, therapy areas, pharmacy, morgue, procedure/prep rooms, and dental facilities.
  • Administrative Areas – Rendered in administrative areas, offices, storage rooms, medication/nourishment rooms, clean linen utility rooms, control rooms, and break rooms.
  • Common Areas – Rendered in corridors, ramps, walkways, stairwells, elevators, lobbies, waiting areas, entranceways, smoking shelters, fitness centers, chapel, play rooms/pediatrics, daycare rooms, library, tunnels, lanais, dining rooms, and sleeps/on-call rooms.
  • Contingency Circumstances – Rendered in unforeseen contingency circumstances (e.g., sewage backup, snow and ice removal, a flood, natural disaster, etc.), emergency, or special events.
  • Project or Periodic Cleaning – Rendered for project or periodic cleaning to include weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and special environmental services. Project or periodic cleaning includes scrubbing of floors, washing of walls and ceilings, window washing, curtain exchange (includes window and cubicle type curtains), and hanging art cleaning.
  • Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) – Handle, collect, and transport RMW and yellow cytotoxic waste containers.
  • Linen Services – Provide management, personnel, materials, and vehicles for all phases of linen operations to include pick up, transport, and distribution.

Focusing on customers’ priorities, J&J takes a unique and effective approach to HES by utilizing a patient-centered and mission-responsive organizational structure. This approach incorporates efficiencies that lower the cost of operations while allowing for a high level of performance excellence. J&J also routinely tailors technological innovations, field-tests process improvements and re-evaluates management systems to meet the specialized performance requirements of individual customers. As a result, J&J better understands medical facility customers, the work environment, the mission and the quality of work that is expected and deserved.

J&J is certified to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (formerly known as the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA)) Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). By implementing core CIMS principles into the organization’s management framework, J&J will recognize improved productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced professionalism. We actively maintain CIMS Certification with Honors and CIMS–Green Building (GB) Certification with Honors.



We all have critical roles to play when it comes to providing quality aseptic services in a hospital environment, but it is also important to realize our job goes beyond just cleaning an area or room to a specific frequency or standard. Everything we touch has a direct impact on the lives of healthcare staff, patients, and mission readiness.

Frank Obregon

Director - HES