Base Operations & Support

When most large companies are not responsive, J&J is consistently your First Responder.

J&J provides Base Operations Support (BOS) at military installations throughout the U.S. and overseas, including Comalapa Air Base – El Salvador; U.S. Military Forces and Federal Government agencies – Republic of the Philippines; Tyndall Air Force Base – FL; Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake – CA; and Naval Air Station Whiting Field – FL. Our services include support for Annexes 1-18.

Annex 1 – General Information Annex 2 – Management and Administration
Annex 3 – Command and Staff Annex 4 – Public Safety
Annex 5 – Air Operations Annex 6 – Port Operations
Annex 7 – Ordnance Annex 8 – Range Operations
Annex 9- Health Care Support Annex – 10 Supply
Annex 11 – Personnel Support Annex 12 – Morale, Welfare and Recreation Support
Annex 13 – Galley Annex 14 – Housing
Annex 15 – Facilities Support Facility Management, Facility Investment, Custodial, Pest Control, Integrated Solid Waste Management, Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping, Pavement Clearance
Annex 16 – Utilities Annex 17 – Base Support Vehicles and Equipment
Annex 18 – Environmental



J&J also provides routine and on–demand mission–critical facility maintenance and repair services to commissary sites, allocated into Maintenance Groups (MGs) that reach across the U.S. as well as Puerto Rico and Guam. J&J has been a DeCA service provider since 2010 – a testament to our ability to scale efforts to meet changing workloads as well as seamlessly managing and coordinating services and subcontractors across multiple sites. Our DeCA program provides full facility maintenance and repair services for (149) commissary sites across six (6) MGs, totaling over 10.2M SF.


Our comprehensive portfolio of BOS services provide the proven expertise and innovative solutions that maximize value; increase energy efficiency; and create a comfortable, healthy, safe, and productive environment for our government clients. J&J’s experienced workforce and proven systems enable us to anticipate, avoid, and remove risk, ensuring safe, cost-effective, and environmentally sound project delivery each and every time.


We provide cost-effective solutions through our expert management and comprehensive maintenance programs to protect capital investments and keep facilities running around the clock and within budget. These solutions help us provide resources necessary to operate the bases, installations, camps, posts, and stations of Military Departments to sustain mission capability, ensure quality-of-life, and enhance workforce productivity.

Emmett Shaffer

Director - BOS