A Moment of Reflection

Prior to his Change of Command on 11 May 2018, Brigadier General (BG), Jeffery J. Johnson, and his wife were interviewed about their time at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). They were both asked what their high points have been over the past two (2) years. Ms. Johnson mentioned how she is “. . . in awe of the people, the patients, the staff, from J&J to the command staff, I have never met such incredible people.” 

BG Johnson Shares His Message

“The things that I am most grateful for are the things internal to the organization, so whether that’s our housekeeping contractors, who everybody brags on all the time . . . that sets the condition that at the 1st step across the threshold coming into the hospital, that everybody knows: this is the place where quality and professionalism starts; it sets the stage . . . ” 

BG Jeffery J. Johnson | Commanding General | BAMC

At the Change of Command, they both mentioned how much they appreciated and enjoyed having J&J as part of their team, from the O&M to the housekeeping. BG Johnson will be the new Commanding General at Regional Health Command – Central, with BG George (Ned) Appenzeller assuming the role of BAMC’s new Commanding General.

View full video: https://youtu.be/pblmyFEL_w8