Make Your Home at J&J

Throughout our more than 40 year history in the government services industry, J&J Worldwide Services has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our people, our customers, and our industry. Ingrained in our culture, this commitment can be found in all facets of our operation. Our founder and CEO, Johnny Voudouris, states "I have always maintained that I want J&J to be the best at what we do." To be the best, he has consistently believed in the investment of time and resources in the development of our people because in a services based business it is people that deliver high quality customer service to each and every one of our customers.

When coming to work at J&J, you will be joining more than just a company; you will be joining a family that takes great pride in serving the men and women of the US Military and other government agencies. In an industry full of mergers and corporate buyouts, J&J remains independent and family owned. As a result, our culture values our people and the diverse backgrounds they bring to our job locations every day. We believe a healthy work/life balance is an essential component of our employees’ success and we work hard to support our employees’ participation in important events that occur in their personal lives. We believe in providing a world class experience both for our people and our customers. We lead by example and act in an ethical manner consistent with the principles outlined in our Ethics Policy.

In return, we ask that our employees commit to supporting our customer by providing a superior level of customer service at all times in everything they do. We expect all of our employees to act with a high degree of honesty and integrity at all times, support our ethical values, perform all work safely, protect the environment, and do their part to support the mission of the facilities which we serve.

At J&J Worldwide Services, it is our goal for each employee to find more than just a job; we hope that they find a rewarding career. We have a number of employees at all levels within our company who have over 20 years of service and we consistently hear from some of our newest employees that J&J is the best employer for whom they have ever worked.

If you have an interest in working for J&J, we want you to know that J&J is committed to providing a successful and rewarding working environment for all of its employees. We strive to provide our employees with a work experience aimed at assisting our employees in realizing their full professional potential. We aim to promote from within and will work with employees on internal transfer opportunities whenever possible. Our compensation program is designed to be market competitive and we are proud to offer a comprehensive benefit package that provides valuable protection for employees and their families at a reasonable cost.
We encourage all job seekers interested in joining the J&J family to visit our careers page to search the available positions posted on our careers search tool and to apply for any position for which they believe they are qualified. J&J is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Military Veterans and Active Reservists

J&J is proud to support the employment of military veterans and active duty reservists of all ranks at all of our project locations. With over 95% of our contracts supporting the United States Military, we greatly value the unique experience, training, and work ethic that veterans and active reservists bring to our team. In addition, given the types of contracts J&J performs, our veterans and active reservists are able to continue working closely with military and civilian personnel on military facilities across the US and abroad. At present time, over one third of our total workforce has previously or is currently serving in the United States Military and we are extremely proud that these talented men and women are an integral part of the J&J Family.